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29 Years in Manufacturing

29 Years in Manufacturing

29 Years in Manufacturing

29 Years in Manufacturing

29 Years in Manufacturing

29 Years in Manufacturing

29 Years in Manufacturing





Stainless Insert Reinforced Gasket

C.I.P.’s IRT gaskets combines virgin P.T.F.E. with the stability of 304 stainless steel to provide you with a gasket that is:

  • Extremely Corrosion Resistant

Due to its P.T.F.E. covering, the IRT gasket is virtually immune to chemical attack.

  • Non-Asbestos

Ideal for use where asbestos may be prohibited by health or safety considerations.

  • Leak Free

P.T.F.E. is moulded around and through the perforated stainless steel. This restricts cold flow and provides a positive seal that stays put over extreme temperature ranges and high pressures.

  • Reusable

The unique, rugged construction of the IRT gasket allows it to be reused over and over again. Unlike conventional gasket materials, it does not corrode during use and is not destroyed when the flange is taken apart, reducing inventory and sealing costs.

  • Non-Porous

Because it is individually moulded, each IRT gasket provides you with a denser layer of P.T.F.E. gaskets from 1/2 – 12 inches provide a 50% thicker layer of P.T.F.E. when compared to envelope gaskets, sizes from 14 -24 inches provide a 150% thicker layer.

  • Safety

The stainless steel insert prevents blowouts that can occur when non-metallic gaskets are used.

  • Moulded To Size

Ends costly P.T.F.E. scrap. Saves you time and money by eliminating the need to individually cut gaskets.

  • Easy To Seat

IRT gasket provides leak free seals with low bolt torques. Specially machined flange faces are not required.

  • Cuts Maintenance Time

With IRT gasket, repeated retorquing is not required to maintain a seal. Due to cold flow other P.T.F.E. gaskets must be retorqued several times to prevent leakage.

  • Prevents Dangerous Blowouts

IRT gasket will stay in place, even at elevated tempertures and pressures, due to its stainless steel insert.

  • Reduces Costly Inventories

By stocking the IRT gasket for all your corrosive applications, you can eliminate the need to keep a wide variety of gaskets in different materials on hand.


1. Specify number of gaskets required

1. Specify size of gasket

1. Specify fange rating:

A – 150LB

B – 300LB


Inserts are 304 stainless steel

Thickness 1/2 – 8 inches – 3mm ± 0.7mm tolerance

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