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PTFE Lined Pipe and Fittings

In most of the Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Food industries, Pharmaceuticals, and almost every company handling highly corrosive and hazardous acids and solvents for their processing requirement the lined pipes systems find their application. Often, these chemicals are to be conveyed from storage vessels to the mixing tanks or reactors where they form an intermediate product. Being highly acidic and corrosive in nature, these chemicals have a tendency to corrode and eat away the steel piping which are used as conveyors, leaving the system useless and unsafe for use.   

To avoid depleting the material and arrests the growth of corrosion inside the conveying system, a long sleeve or tube made of PTFE is inserted inside the steel pipes, bends, tees, reducers, spacers, valves and all fittings installed in the whole pipeline. Due to the inertness of PTFE to almost all chemicals and solvents, it acts as an effective barrier between the chemical and steel, thus not only protecting the conveying system, but also safe guarding the working environment. Corrosion engineers realise the long-term benefits associated with using high performance fluoropolymers to prevent corrosion in process piping systems.


  • The life of pipeline systems increases due to absence of corrosion
  • PTFE lining safeguards and enhances better working conditions as leakage does not occur and subsequent harmful gases and vapors do not evaporate in the atmosphere.
  • The cost incurred in maintenance, repairing and time lost can be minimized.
  • A wide variety of chemicals can be used through a PTFE loned system, making it more flexible and economical.
  • Abrasion and wear resistant while maintaining nonstick and high purity characteristics.
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