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PTFE Expansion Bellows

To compensate for length changes in pipelines expansion bends, stuffing box compensators or expansion bellows are used. Bellows have proved particulaly suitable for lined pipe which may be subjected to shock and vibration. They also accomodate axial misalignment. Further advantages include simple space-saving design and speedy installation.

There are two types of P.T.F.E. bellows:

1. Bellows with a V-section corrugations, highly flexible and extensible. The V section makes them notch-sensitive and suitable for use only at low pressures.

2. Machined bellows with rounded corrugations, less extensible and flexible but suitable for use at higher pressures. P. T. F.E. bellows are used on many plants. In apparatus and pipelines constructed in glass, they are often the only servicable form of flexible joint.

Chemical Engineering – P.T.F.E. is employed in all cases where corrosive substances are used and where conventional materials create sealing problems. Glass apparatus is an example. In this type of equipment, P.T.F.E. is used for expansion bellows, which are designed to compensate for mechanical and thermal changes, flexible tubing, seals, glandless valves, turbine stirrers, etc.

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