BEE Status

29 Years in Manufacturing


Chemstik Coated Fabrics

  • High resistance to temperature (Non adhesive backed fabric from -200 up to 260°C)(Adhesive backed fabric from -55 up to 200°C)
  • Maximum of chemical inertness
  • Anti stick surface
  • Dimensional and thermal stability
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Complete absence of toxicity
  • Excellent dielectric strength


  • Anti-stick
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Fusing presses – clothing industry
  • Heat sealing on flexible packaging
  • Mesh belts for silk screening

Grades Available

5 Thou non adhesive
5 Thou adhesive
3 Thou non adhesive
3 Thou adhesive
10 Thou non adhesive
10 Thou adhesive

Also antistatic black in non adhesive and adhesive available.
Roll sizes 1000mm x 30 m – can be slit from 10mm – 1000mm.

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